There’s an expression that I both adore and hate from eras past and it’s phrased like either you have it or you don’t. What you’re supposed to have is enough ‘Fire in the Belly.’

For those who aren’t familiar with the expression, it refers to how much coal you have in the furnace of the steam engine that powers your train down the tracks – ultimately how much burning desire to accomplish your goals do you have?

How POWERFUL is your drive to succeed?

I love it because it’s a great way to delineate how important something is to you.

I hate it because it is often used by people as a DE-MOTIVATOR, as an insult intended to put you down and keep you in your place.

It’s used to manipulate people, way out of context of what the real expression applies to.

Every entrepreneur, manager, sales professional and individual striving for excellence needs to keep fueling that fire. We all do it in different ways – what motivates me may not do anything for you. It is still true, though, that we all need that extra push of belief, confidence, and affirmation every now and then that gets and keeps us excited and passionate about what we do.

We all need that fuel source.

We need it like food. We need it like water. We need it like exercise and a clean air. But we don’t always get it.

Successful people have probably heard the word ‘NO’ so many times in their lives that it’s amazing they bothered to stick around in the game long enough for someone to finally say ‘YES.’

‘Yes’ is more than just a green light of permission. ‘Yes’ is an affirmation that what you are doing is right.

‘Yes’ starts the cycle of positive reinforcement of self – that what you are doing matters and is appreciated by someone else. To some degree, everyone needs to be needed, to be wanted.

‘Yes’ is like that splash of water on a dried out plant, desperate for a drink.

‘Yes’ is the chance to make right what you have only heard people tell you ‘No’ to so often.

‘Yes’ is your fuel. As long as there is still a spark in your belly, you can refuel it, just by getting one ‘Yes’ at a time.

So no, it’s not a question of is there enough fire in your belly – the question really should be, is there enough fuel to feed the fire in your belly?

How do you get more fuel? How do you get more ‘Yes’ affirmations?

Every successful person knows there are 3 ways to the top:

1) Do something utterly unique that no one else is doing and master your innovation.

2) Be so outstandingly good at what you are doing that even though you are in direct competition with everyone else you still come out on top.


3) Find an extraordinarily large and fully functional horseshoe and relocate it someplace decidedly uncomfortable. (The Get Lucky Principle.)

If you want to count on achieving numbers 2 or 3, be my guest, but there can only ever be one who is ‘The Best.’ And Luck is a very fickle friend – most of us would say it has the worst Fear of Commitment E-V-E-R.

So how can you honestly expect to get that fuel? To get those ‘Yes’ affirmations?

Innovate. Be the first and best YOU you can be. You’re only in competition with yourself that way and one or the other of you is bound to win.

And the more you win, the more you’ll build your fuel supply and stoke that fire in your belly.

That energy, that drive will power you to successes you’ve only dreamed of and ignite a passion in you to achieve things you know today are un-achievable. With that power behind you, tomorrow they will be entirely achievable.

And if you need a little help along the way – chat me up. Between you and I we can find the right help to get you over the hurdle.

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