Whether the above article has any truth to it at all or not is of significant, but moot relevance. The point is that they are clearly thinking about it, and probably a lot more than thinking about it. We know, from Defense Department sites and other news releases from around the world that, in fact, a wide swath of countries, foreign agents, insurgents, saboteurs, organized crime syndicates, and lest we forget, the traditional ne’er-do-wells, that our government sites, our telecommunications infrastructure, and our economic targets are all under regular and recurring attack.

We hear it in the news. We say it can’t happen to me. Here is one article that claims more than 1000 targets finally had to admit… yip, it happened to them.

We know it’s happening. We know it is happening to thousands of companies, government agencies, non-profits, and individuals. And yet, businesses are not getting on top of it.

With the current hostage situation in the Discovery Channel HQ in Maryland, a stone’s throw from our national capital, we see another example in play.

Media companies and personalities have been targeted and attacked so often in the past, they KNOW better than to allow a security breach this bad to occur this easily. And still they too said – hey, we’re the Discovery Channel. It couldn’t happen to us. What are the odds? One in a million?

Today is the day. Today, the Fates rolled the dice and said…hey, what do you know? One in a million. Let’s cash in at Discovery Channel’s personnel and their families’ expense.

Companies and business people need to take this stuff seriously, and they aren’t. YOU aren’t. Or at least, you haven’t been so far. I have a seminar called Business Self Defense Basics that every business person, every employee across this country needs to see. We need to build up our basic defenses to make it harder for crooks, terrorists, and foreign agents to hurt us. We need to make it less palatable for the bad guys to hurt our people, and our companies.

I’m asking for one day of your time. One day, $295 is the only commitment I ask. In that day you will learn about threats like these that I know you’ve heard are one in a million. I’ll show you how they are much closer to one in five.

You’ll learn how some of the major scams, attacks, and sabotage takes place, and what the impacts have been for companies and groups that have already fallen prey to them.

And you’ll learn some serious first steps you can take to make you less interesting as a target, and make your company harder to attack.

Can you commit to 1 day in order to push back that number from 1 in 5 to closer to 1 in a million?


Chris Cayer


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