Selling Better, Selling Smarter.


This week, Randall Libero, Lynwood Johnson and I will be hosting a truly unique kind of seminar – one where everyone who shows up will get directly usable information. That alone is a unique feature you won’t find too often among the annals of seminars and public speakers, but this event doesn’t stop there.

We’re presenting at the Keller Graduate School of Management and what we’re covering is exactly what people need to be able to get their businesses rolling and making money right away.

We won’t be talking about the latest MLM craze or investment opportunity; we’ll be giving you the tools you need to make your own business make more money.

We’ll show you more than 14 specific steps you can take to get more clients and build more revenue streams for your knowledge and information based products. We’ll show you how to multiply your customer base by reaching out to customers with different payment options. We’ll show you how to host your own talk show and get the kind of media attention you deserve. We’ll even show you how to generate recurring monthly income during a recession.

Each one of these points alone would make a great seminar, and maybe one day we’ll do some intensive courses on them, but on Wednesday at Selling Better, Selling Smarter you’ll get a realistic, implementable understanding of how to multiply your content, your followers and your income with tools and resources you never knew existed.

This is THE event where you will definitely learn a lot more of value than you invested to attend, and with an ROI like that, I really can’t say it any clearer – you need to be there.

This Wednesday.

Learn to Earn – a lot more than you are today.


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