This is our second installment in our effort to bring to you the world of niche social media that can change your life and your business. Each week we try to bring 5 different sites to your attention rather than simply dump the list of 1800+ sites on you and wish you the best of luck.

In today’s installment we’re starting with a site called Glogster. Glogster.com was started in 2009 with the idea of becoming the easiest platform on which to publish and share new content, and that’s pretty much what it does. You can share pictures, text, video… pretty much anything on Glogster, and over 2.5 million people use it for exactly that purpose. Better yet, the platform is so well designed, they developed a version for schools and have over 740,000 teachers and over 8 million students using this version regularly. If you’re looking for an easy, growing and flexible platform for sharing your content where it won’t get buried in the middle of the major social media, check out Glogster.

For my company, Reyactive, we’re looking at how we can use Glogster to share our multimedia content in a much more visually appealing and orderly format than with YouTube, and a quick run through their set up process will show you exactly what I mean.

Another awesomely wonderful site for distributing your multimedia content is a site called Sevenload.com. If you want to take your video content and give it the backing of a real video network channel, Sevenload could be just the place for you. It’s a site that gives you a great opportunity to have lots of traffic driven to your content if you can put together solid, professional looking video, and these days that’s not necessarily so difficult to do. Getting a great video interview, putting together a mash of customer testimonials and weaving a great story between them, these can be put together by non-experts but still be great stories and great videos.

I’ve talked about the 1800+ sites that are generally publicized, but all it takes is a trip over to Spruz.com and you get to see how much the world of social media has grown far beyond just the FaceBooks and Twitters of the world. Spruz allows you to create your OWN social networks, and they have created over 590,000 social networks so far. You can use it to launch your network for free and grow it into a great community where you can really engage with your customers and your colleagues in your own niche environment.

If you are paying attention, though, I just said that Spruz has created over 590,000 independent social networks, all of which have niche members, developers, applications, and content that could potentially be useful to your business or career. Thinking about the context of why I’m sharing these sites 5 at a time, if you didn’t think getting a handle on these things was important before, you might want to revisit that decision before those numbers grow even more.


Here’s another great site that offers you solid business content, a sales pipeline tool, collaboration space and business to business networking defined by the business you are doing together, not just a collection of contacts in a list: partnerpedia.com. It takes a little to set up, but with the ability to publish content, share files with partners, collaborate on projects like RFP bids, and build a sales pipeline with the leads for the collaborated projects, it’s a pretty robust tool you get to work with. So far I haven’t found the catch with it yet, but even if I were to find one, it would have to be pretty substantial for this not to be a really valuable site for practical, results-oriented business networking and collaboration in a social niche network.

And finally, here’s a simple tool that has some deep benefits to it. If you take a few minutes to sign up to About.me you’ll find that what this little piece of Interweb does is it lists the services that you tell it you have profiles on so people can look you up on them and connect with you there. It allows you to have a single point of consolidation for your online persona, so when it comes to presenting yourself to the online world, you can send them to your About.me page and they can choose to connect to the rest of your online life in those areas that they share common interests. You can benefit from a variety of free or nearly free offers, like a free AOL email service with yourname@about.me as the address, free business cards with your profile information on it, tools for your iPhone, and more.

Most of the tools this week again are business driven, but they are also great tools for people who are either looking for work, or unhappy with where they are working currently because it gives you an opportunity to expand your network and show off your skills in your area of expertise by sharing videos, audio recordings, artwork, designs, projects, and more, so you can build a network of people ready to engage you into things work that you really want to do.

I’m starting fresh with a lot of these sites myself as I now am beginning to have products and projects that I can really use these sites to build awareness of what I’m doing with Reyactive, and it gives me more places to tell my story than on my company website, reyactive.com, so I get the chance to engage with people where they are open and ready to connect and actively participate, not drowned with ads on sites that they populate because they have to.

The moral of the story this week again is to get out there and take a nibble out of niche social media and figure out how you can make them work for you so your brand grows stronger, better and faster as you get a handle on all the free tools that even your best competitors haven’t figured out exist yet.

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