Ok, so this is a piece about how social media mass distribution stacks up against traditional sales and lead gen. And for a change, it does include the announcement of a sale of OUR services… at the end. Before that, as always, there is lots of great content including some very interesting and industry tested data for you to consider. As ever, with this blog, you’ll definitely learn something. And if you decide to give the sale a try, who knows – you might even stay a customer for life.


I bet you didn’t know there was a whole social network devoted to people interested in home based businesses, did you? Or that there are about a dozen social networks that actively work to match your profile to the needs of prospective buyers of whatever it is you are looking to sell. Their professional networking sites aren’t about the sales pitch, they are about business social engagement – finding new ways to put the right businesses together.

In reality there are over 1800 social media sites that each has at least 2.2 million users. They all have prospects and suppliers you don’t even know are out there.

I can help you reach them, engage with them, and build those relationships which can help you build your business powerfully, organically, and realistically.

Reyactive has a variety of tools that we use to broadcast your message not to just three or four social sites, but to a hundred or more social sites and networks that can help get your message seen in niche networks of people who genuinely are interested in getting to know what you do.

Mixing your reach between blogs, videos, articles, status updates, press releases, social book marking and more, your social engagement can be tracked, measured, quantified and compared to prior data, trends, and overall results.

Best of all, it doesn’t have to be difficult or take a lot of time from your busy schedule. It also doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

All you really need to do is to provide the content and to respond to your followers as they engage with you.

Isn’t that exactly the sales, marketing, and customer service model you really want?

You craft your message, prospects respond, customers engage, and followers develop. That’s what companies typically pay $250-650 per lead for right now with appointment setting companies like By Appointment Only and Market One. Even if you look at lower cost lead gen, you will still pay on average $25 per lead.

The leads that you get from these sources are definitely valuable, but have a tendency to convert to sales less than 2.3% of the time. Leads that you get from inbound calls, website visits, online chat, and social media connections tend to convert at roughly 5.2%, or more than double the rate of other lead gen approaches! And the latest industry stats show that the revenue generated by clients who connect with you through social media produces on average a 4x ROI compared to regular sales channels.

So if you would like to know more about how you can reach out to hundreds of social sites and engage with customers with up to 80 posts per month of brand-building content for less than $265 per month, now is the time to act. Call Reyactive at 1.888.444.1235 by 5pm Friday and ask about our special introductory offer – buy one month of Brand Management Campaigns involving distribution to over 100 social sites, and you’ll get the second month free. (Depending on whether we need to create your accounts or simply connect your existing accounts to our distribution system there will be an additional one time set up fee of between $249.95 and $495.) This can save you as much as $350 and give you a great chance to see real documented results including increase in followers, increase in engagement, increase in brand buzz (awareness) and increase in lead generation and sales.

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