Hi folks – I wanted to take a moment to interrupt your weekend to tell you briefly about a project a friend of mine is undertaking that you really might want to support. Pat Honiotes is a wonderful, caring and strong professional coach and counselor who has spent the last year working on a book to help a lot of people with a pretty serious problem. I think we refer to it as Cranial-Rectal Disengagement Therapy, or getting your head out of your butt therapy for the rest of us.

For most of us, the biggest impediment to our own success is the fact that we get in our own way a lot and Pat is AWESOME at helping people clear the path to their own success.

Pat is hosting an event on Saturday, June 23rd to create a video of a presentation she gives called the Intro to Figuring Yourself Out Workshop and she will be selling the video as a download available online soon in order to raise money for publishing her new book. The workshop is always a paid workshop normally, but for people who participate in this particular session and allow her to video tape it, you can attend this session completely free!

Pat sent me this request the other day with some of the details – feel free to reach out to her or check out her website for more information:

“Hi Chris, The book is getting very close to being sent to the publisher. This will mean coming up with some additional cash. In an effort to raise that extra cash, we are doing a 90 minute Intro to Figuring Yourself Out Workshop on Saturday, June 23, 2012 from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. The workshop is FREE to participants. They will need to register and sign a release form as we are video taping the workshop. We will then use the video as a sellable download. Any monies raised from selling the download (minus expenses) will go directly towards publishing the book. I am wondering if you would be willing to forward this information to your contacts in the Phoenix area and invite them to be part of the workshop on the 23rd? Any support you can give around this project would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for considering this request. Peace and Harmony, Pat Pat Honiotes Phone 602-788-7515 Fax 602-926-2246 Pat@PatHoniotes.com http://www.PatHoniotes.com” Chris Cayer is the founder of Reyactive LLC, a boutique competitive intelligence agency with extreme strengths in social media, crowdfunding, project management, training, and corporate identity security. With accounts on more than 350 social media networks and over 13,500 contacts on LinkedIn, Mr. Cayer has established himself as one of the premier leaders in social media today and a thought leader for where it will take us tomorrow.

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